Mar 28

Speaking in Nashville, Tennessee

Medicine River Wildlife Centre staff, Judy Boyd, Carol Kelly and Cameron Jenkins attended the National Wildlife Rehabilitators' Association annual conference in Murfreesboro just outside of Nashville Tennessee mid-March.

These conferences are a great opportunity for staff to meet their peers from around the continent, share information and stories, learn new techniques and get a break from the every-day at our wildlife hospital.

Once again, Carol and Judy were not only going to take in the conference, but they had been asked to speak on fostering wild orphans to wild families. The emphasis this year was on the research results from fostering orphaned fawns, coyotes and beaver last summer. The presentation was really well received with lots of questions and some people reporting their own attempts to foster after our last presentation.

One lady approached Carol after the talk and said, "That was wonderful. If there is a fan club for you I want to join it!" It is heartwarming to know that we are helping to bring new ideas to people across North America and get more orphans back to wild families.

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