Dec 16

MRWC's Fleet

Thanks to several donors, the MRWC now has its own "fleet" of vehicles. A grant from the Community Initiatives Program gave us the Mazda 5 a few years ago, as winners of the Scott KIA challenge we were awarded the Kia Rio last year, and a gift from the Alberta Wildlife Rehabilitators' Association allowed us to purchase a used Dodge truck this year!

These various vehicles give us the flexibility we needed and no longer have to rely on volunteers' vehicles to accomplish our day-to-day operations. The truck gets put into use mostly during the fostering season when we are in the field or when a truck is required to complete a task. The Mazda is the education vehicle going to schools, community groups and trade shows. The most economical vehicle, the Kia, is used for errands and travelling done by the international volunteers. Now we just need the new building to park these impressive vehicles in front of!

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