Mar 21

Patient Update

MRWC has seen a few more patients this winter than in past years. These animals have been mostly owls, along with both Red and White-winged Crossbills.

Numbers of Crossbills have been high this winter in Central Alberta, and unfortunately many have been hitting windows. We have had very low success with these badly damaged birds. If you want to learn more about how to protect birds from hitting your window visit

The owls we have received have been much more fortunate, with most recovering from their injuries. Seven Great Horned Owls were released in early February, mostly back to territories they came from. We try, if at all possible, to return these owls back to their original territory as they mate for life and their other half will be waiting. If it takes too many months for the bird to recover, the mate will move on and call in another during the breeding season, so it is not as critical to return them.

One tiny Saw-whet Owl and one Boreal Owl also stayed with us for a while after having runs-ins with windows and cars before returning to the wild.

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