Nov 2

2017 Student Volunteers

November 6th brings an end to our Student Volunteer Program for 2017. 12 students from Germany, Netherlands, and Austria helped run the Centre, along with 2 from Alberta. These students make it possible for the Centre to run with minimum expense as the only thing we provide is housing, scrubs, and a vehicle.

We are lucky enough to receive these students through a group called Fronteering Travel Services. This group arranges travel for their clients and matches them up with a volunteer tourism site that suits them. In return for their hard work we provide housing, thanks to rig shacks donated by Encana, a vehicle won in a contest, and as many fun "Alberta" experiences as possible. We truly are in debt to all these terrific young people.

Thank you to:

  • Jana Biber
  • Elena Fedler
  • Laura Fritz
  • Ben Giese
  • Chiara Herkenhoff
  • Dani Lounsbury
  • Hannah Nowas
  • Laura Ooman
  • Olga Praznik
  • Steven Pye
  • Lea Reckart
  • Alexandra Sabine-Braun
  • Franka Schauerte
  • Lea Zylla

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