Feb 18

Volunteer Appreciation Feb 2014

MRWC currently has 150 volunteers who help in areas such as on the Board of Directors, driving patients and public education. This month we have chosen to feature the amazing Lil Dupperon. We have featured the Pygmy Owl as well this month, who spent several days at the First Aid Station in Drayton Valley. Lil runs that station.

Lil began as a driver several years ago but moved into learning first aid due to the distance from us. If she could get some initial treatment into the patients before and during the trip to the Centre it gave them a much better chance of survival.

Her first real test came when a severe storm grounded her for several days shortly after receiving a Great Grey Owl. It was not safe to have Lil on the road so she cared for the bird with daily calls to the Centre until the roads improved.

Over the past couple of years, Lil has cared for numerous patients and is often called directly from residents in her area or the local Fish and Wildlife office as they have come to trust her. She keeps excellent records, works closely with staff at MRWC and uses her years of teaching experience to help educate the finders who bring patients to her. Her patient, determined nature has helped her work through some difficult situations and we can always be assured that she is a great ambassador for MRWC. Thank you Lil! You are a treasure.

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