MRWC conducts programs for community groups, youth groups, seniors groups, campgrounds, and more. We present a digital program followed by an introduction to a live animal.

You will find our children's program synopses under the classroom link.

Adult Program Synopsis:

This presentation introduces the concept of wildlife rehabilitation. Along with pictures, we discuss an animal's journey through the wildlife centre, including treatment, caging, food, exercise and eventual release. We also go through the types of species we may see through our centre.

Next, we show examples of common wildlife injuries and how humans impact our environment. We then offer suggestions and give ideas as to how each person can make a difference and prevent such injuries.

The main focus of our presentation is a promotion of general respect for our environment and the creatures living in it. We also touch on some social issues such as rumours and judgemental attitudes and how they compare with our attitudes toward wildlife.

Finally, we bring out a live education animal. We teach about the specifics of that species and welcome questions.

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