The Medicine River Wildlife Centre is a registered charity and is not a goverment operation. The Centre continues to exist only with community support... your support.

We are thankful for the City of Red Deer for their annual contribution of $25,000 since 2015. Beyond this, we do not receive any regular or ongoing government funding.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre is dedicated to honouring our donors by making the absolute best use of every dollar donated. We look for items at reduced costs, search out free items, ask for charitable rates and adhere to the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.

Operating expenses including staffing, medical supplies, feed, and proper caging are supported by donations, casinos, fundraisers, bequests, and grants. Many individuals and corporations support the Centre with their donations. Others volunteer their time and expertise. 

The MRWC provides a vital service to the community and the environment. The Centre is a registered charity and your donations are tax deductible. 

If you can help us with a donation of any form, we have several options available:

All donors will receive a tax receipt for their donation of $10 or more.

Another reason to donate...

Alberta has one of the highest charitable tax credits in Canada. The provincial tax credit was enhanced a few years ago to help increase private charitable donations to Alberta’s nonprofit and charitable sector. When an individual Albertan files their personal income tax, they total up all their charitable donations during a calendar year. They may be eligible to receive a combined 50% non-refundable tax credit on the total of donations made above the $200 threshold. Donations below the $200 threshold continue to receive a combined tax credit of 25%.

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