Dec 16

Patient Load Up

This year we have we have admitted close to 1800 injured, orphaned and compromised wild creatures; quite a change from our first year over 30 years ago when we received just 14!

Part of this increase comes from the fact that "problem wildlife" issues in the City of Red Deer have been handed over to MRWC instead of Alberta Animal Services or Fish and Wildlife. Calls concerning skunks under the shed, bats in the attic, squirrels in the garage and mystery animals in the yard are now coming to us in abundance. We are working as closely as possible with the City of Red Deer as most of these problems occur due to human actions. As an example, leaving a food source such as open compost, low lying bird feeders, garbage and pet food and leaving an area easily dug into is simply inviting a skunk to take residence. If there is food and shelter, they will come. We work hard to go to the root cause of the problem and change it to solve the issue rather than simply removing the offending animal. This doesn't mean that animals don't get relocated sometimes, but we feel this shouldn't be the first response. We also are in discussions with the City to assist with some funding for all these services. After all, we hired another staff member to deal with the 300 or so offending animals this year alone.

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