Jul 29

Duck Drama

This year, in the midst of moving female ducks and their young from risky places on the streets of Red Deer, 1 Mama duck and her ducklings became separated. The Centre's staff has become pretty darn good at catching and reuniting in this situation and within about 4 hours they were back together.

Just about this time, the Centre's staff reported ducklings hatching in the incubator so it was decided to put the Mama duck and her little ones into the indoor pond for a short while to give the newly hatched babies a mother to imprint on.

Over the next few days, more and more orphans were admitted to our hospital. Mama duck happily took them on and before long she had reached a total of 42 ducklings in her care! If anyone has ever doubted that a wild duck will foster orphans, this certainly proved that they will!

After the little ones had grown enough, Mama duck and her brood were relased into our wetland.

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