May 14

New Jersey Conference Speakers

This year's spring National Wildlife Rehabilitators' Association Conference was held in the college town of Princeton, New Jersey. Fostering Researcher, Judy Boyd and Executive Director, Carol Kelly were asked, once again, to present. This year's request was to speak on Medicine River's research fostering orphaned mammals into wild families. The two were a big hit, presenting to a packed double room at the Princeton Hilton.

The presentation discussed how to foster when working with coyote pups, fawns, moose calves, hare and beaver kits. The presentation was created by Education Coordinator, Erin Young, and even included Judy appearing in a doe mask and tail to demonstrate the incorrect response you may see in adult deer when playing the distress call of a fawn. Making a presentation informative, interesting and lots of fun will hopefully make it memorable for the attendees.

The California Rehabilitation Association has requested a fall presentation by the ladies this November. We are so proud that our fostering project has been received so well. It puts babies back into a wild family to be raised normally, reduces time and minimizes costs. It really is a win-win situation.

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