Nov 6

Facility Upgrade Update

The summer of 2015 at the Centre began with great spring weather, enthusiastic new staff and volunteers, and a secure operating budget. The challenge was that the Centre’s building was quickly becoming unusable.

The heat system had collapsed in the floor, the plumbing was falling apart, walls were disintegrating, and a sump pump had been installed to stop the flooding into the building each time the rains were heavy. Executive Director, Carol Kelly, decided to push the panic button with the media to get the much needed attention we needed to get the word out.

Alberta’s media did not let us down. Print, internet, television, and radio stations all pitched in to tell the Centre’s story and Alberta’s public kicked into gear. Donations began and continue to come in from individuals, corporations, community groups and businesses. Fetch Haus in Red Deer initiated a challenge to Red Deer businesses to help raise funds and kicked it off with their own fundraiser held at their downtown store.

Donations to date have allowed us to install the new septic system, complete some engineering, move plumbing and electrical lines, and install concrete footings. Pending applications, if successful, will allow us to put up walls, install windows, doors, and roof, and work on inside finishing during the winter.

Local contractors have offered to donate the installation of the roof and placement of the concrete floor and we continue to seek out donated materials and labour to reduce the cash we need to raise.

Being extreme penny pinchers we chose not to simply demolish the old building. The trusses and walls were still perfectly good so we sold the lumber and have put the funds back into the project.

Watch our website and Facebook page for updates and pictures. We hope to livestream the construction once underway. All funders will be invited to a special Donor Open House when the facility is complete.

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