Nov 6

New Outdoor Cages

Mother Nature changed our landscape plan over the past couple of years when she sent us an enormous snow load and a micro burst. All the tree and cage damage was devastating at first but we soon began to see the silver lining in it all. It will mean a lot of work but in the end it will be wonderful. We will have new and improved cages built on our south quarter and a wonderful wetland viewing area as part of the new public wing.

The first stage was to take down the older, damaged, and exposed cages, so we started small. The songbird/small mammal compounds were redesigned to become one cage with four interchangeable quadrants. Next year’s plan will be to take on the rebuilding of the hawk and eagle enclosures. This will be a much larger project but we will be seeking the assistance of our supporters to accomplish the job. Perhaps we will even try another crowdfunding project to secure some funds.

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