Mar 21

New Season; Renewed Passion

The Year of the Monkey appears to be shaping up to provide good things for Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

We are encouraged as new supporters have stepped forward to help secure the balance of the funds required to complete the new wildlife hospital. This facility will be something to be so proud of with its green construction, solar assisted hot water heating, and so much more. There is a plan to have a portion of the new hospital open to the public as a small interpretive centre responding to the huge demand for visitors once again. (This will, of course, be just until we build a brand new interpretive centre!) We’ll even have a couple of ways the public can get sneak peeks of the patients being treated.

We have a full slate of dedicated staff and volunteers already in place and one special volunteer who is helping to mold them into an A-Team by offering a Leadership Training Program. Leadership training helps the staff to better understand themselves and their co-workers resulting in a more cohesive group and a lot more fun and learning.

The old eagle cage that was damaged by the winter snow load two years ago will be taken down this summer and a new and improved eagle/hawk compound will replace it. We will be rebuilding on the south quarter instead of in the original site which is close to the main building and in a rather damp area on the edge of our wetland. The new site is a much sunnier, quieter place to build and already has the small mammal, songbird, and deer/moose compounds there.

The demand for MRWC’s services has never been as high with weekly invitations to take part in community events, school projects, and international presentations. We hope you will all take time to come and visit once our public doors are open again. You will be so proud of your new and improved wildlife centre.

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