Sep 26

Moose Fostering

A new home and mother has been found for one Moose calf with help from local supporter, Morris Flewwelling.

A set of twin Moose calves, orphaned after their mother was killed, was admitted to our hospital during the spring. One died shortly thereafter from capturemyopathy - a common fate for many moose calves after enduring significant stress. The second only got stronger and we soon began the search for a wild mother that may be willing to adopt it.

A potential Moose cow was found and spotted with another calf. A fostering was attempted and the calf was left in the area of the cow. Tagged with a transmitter, we followed the little one for a day and a half and found that it had not connected with the cow. It was taken back to the hospital and the search continued.

Another cow was spotted regularly with her calf on a piece of property owned by local supporter, Morris Flewwelling. The fostering was attempted again. A call of a Moose calf in distrees is played to get the attention of a mother, and the calf is left. We are thrilled to report that four weeks in, the fostering is successful! Again, the calf has been regularly tracked to ensure its success. Morris also rides his horse on the property and keeps an eye out for the new family. The orphan will continue to be tracked until spring.


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