Oct 3

Enlisting Unlikely Help

When someone hands you a newly hatched, tiny, pink Robin, two things go through your mind: success with these little guys depends on very intense care and it's so busy during the summer that staff's time is very valuable. However, the person who found the little orphan is trusting you to do your best.

Early summer I had a moment just like that. Standing with the tiny, helpless baby in my hand I had an idea. I walked over to the Bluebird nest in my yard and opened it to find two newly hatched Bluebird babies and a very protective mother. I gently tucked the Robin in between the two warm babies, thanked the mother, and closed the door. Three days later, as I opened the box to check on the progress, I was greeted with three babies, one with the distinctive, big Robin gape. About ten days later an appropriate Robin nest was identified. The nicely feathered Robin was taken from the Bluebird nest and placed into the waiting Robin family. We thanked the Bluebird for babysitting. We could never have done as good a job as she did.

by Carol Kelly, Executive Director

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