Nov 2

Humane Beaver Solutions

MRWC strives to find ways that we can live better with our wild neighbours. It came to our attention a couple of years ago that a solution to beaver damage, other than trapping, killing, or relocating, had been invented and was relatively simple to achieve.

Simply put, a pond levellers, also known as “beaver solutions”, is a device placed into a beaver dam that stops beavers from flooding out infrastructure or crop land. This device keeps the pond at a good level for the beavers but stops them from building and flooding as it takes away the sound of running water. Beavers continue to build only when they hear running water.

In working with the City of Red Deer, we introduced the idea of these levellers and one was installed in Maskepetoon Park in 2016. Staff, along with representatives from both Red Deer City and Red Deer County, visited the site one year after installation. The leveller is a complete success and other sites in the City are now being considered. Discussions with the County of Red Deer have lead to a contract with MRWC to install 6 levellers within the County in 2018. 

It is known that an established family of beavers will take down smaller trees and have fewer young. If we continue to destroy beavers as a solution to their damage, we will see the next family who moves into the area taking down larger trees to build a new lodge and will have larger litters to fill the territory. This is an exciting new venture and really is a win-win for everyone. Pond levellers result in the beavers not being destroyed, the environment and landowners reaping the benefits of having a wetland, providing an income for MRWC, and reducing expenses for cities and counties.

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