Mar 12

Tribute to Emily the Woodrat

Emily came to us on July 4, 2011. She was a tiny, pink creature no more than a week old. At first we weren’t even sure what she was, but it was soon determined that she was a Bushy-tailed Woodrat. 

She was found in the motor of a vehicle that had just returned from the west country. Perhaps her siblings had fallen out on the trip from the mountains or maybe the mother had just moved one into the warm car and didn’t have time to move the rest of her family before the vehicle was moved.

One of our international students showed a dislike for the naked, pink baby. In order to help her connect, she was entrusted with the little one's care. She began to really care for the animal after keeping it warm, feeding her every two hours, and stimulating it to pee. She was the one who named her Emily and five years later she returned for a visit to MRWC and Emily was the first one she asked about.

Woodrats are solitary animals, living in the rocks in the mountains. We created a rock hill for her in her indoor cage, fed her the natural diet of mixed forest greens, along with mixed seeds, fruit and vegetables. She acted as an education animal, living in the interpretive centre. She was always a popular attraction as most people didn’t have any idea of what she was. Her career also included a day of acting on the set of a comedy show on the APTN network.

We recently did some research to find that the oldest known Woodrat in captivity lived 5.8 years. Emily was 6.5 years when she was found in a sleeping position in her home. She lived a good, long, productive life.

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