Apr 6

Wood Duck

An uncommon patient in our hospital arrived last week. A little, male Wood Duck was found thin, unstable on its feet, and unable to fly at Red Deer’s Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Workers bundled it up and transported it to the MRWC's first aid station in Red Deer. The bird was first treated for stress and internal bleeding and then it was tube fed to build up its body weight. 

Wood Ducks are considered by many people to be the most beautiful duck in North America. The male is striking with his head dress and multicolours. Even the female, who is much more drab than the male, is still beautiful compared to other duck hens. These ducks arrive back in Alberta in April, although some may stay year-round in places where the water is warm enough to stay open during the winter.
Wood Ducks are cavity nesters laying 7-15 eggs. These ducks have sharp claws that allow them to grip and perch in trees. As in many ducks, the male leaves the female to raise the family once she is established on her nest.

Our little duck has continued to gain weight and improve. It still is a bit unstable on its legs, so we will continue treatment until it is fully recovered.

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