May 25

It's Baby Season

Summer hit with a bang this year and baby season kicked in right along with it. Birds and mammals in Alberta only have a short window of time in which to have their young, raise them and get ready for winter so they all seem to come at once.

Great Horned Owls, Grey Jays, and House Finches are the first to get started. Then come the Canada Geese, a variety of small mammals, along with a deluge of ducklings, Deer, Moose, songbirds, and waterfowl. June and July are the peak months. This year, a House Finch, Fox kits, Coyote pups, orphaned Skunks, and a nestling Raven all arrived in early May. We work very hard at finding appropriate wild families in which to place our orphans so that they may grow up naturally. If you or others you know where nests or dens of any species are located, please let us know so we may put you on our “foster home” list. Give us a call at 403-728-3467.

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