Sep 14

2018 Fostering Season

Throughout the summer we have busily been looking for foster homes in the wild for some of the orphaned babies we receive. We ask other experts, bird banders, and even the general public for their assistance in locating new families. What a successful baby season it has been!

Over the past few months we have fostered 177 orphans into new families! This includes 28 different species, ranging from Barn Swallows and Robins, to Deer Fawns and Red Fox. We are confident that the wild mothers will do a much better job of raising the young than we ever could.

We do much of our own monitoring to ensure the success of the introduced youngster but so appreciate when a landowner takes part. We often get reports weeks or even months later letting us know if the new addition has been spotted. Late summer we were happy to hear that introduced Barn Swallows (a species at risk) are now flying with the adults, and an added White-tailed Deer Fawn was seen with its new mother and sibling.

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