Oct 8

Leg Dysfunctions

Each year we notice that injuries seem to come in bunches. If we get one humeral fracture, over the next few weeks, we will often see numerous humeral fractures. This summer we have seen large numbers of birds with leg dysfunctions.

Birds who have been hit in the head or spine often suffer nerve damage resulting in limp, useless legs. MRWC’s protocol for these cases is to…

rehydrate the bird, offer a Chinese herb to reduce internal bleeding and help with circulation, provide homeopathic treatment, and administer a drug that both reduce swelling. Over the years we have found that this combination of natural, drug, and hydration has resulted in the best results. 50-70-% of these cases regain full use of their legs.

Just this month we have received a Coot, a Swainson’s Hawk, a Franklin’s Gull, and an Evening Grosbeak who presented with almost no use of the legs. Legs hang limply like cooked spaghetti but do have a slight reaction when pinched. Patients are placed in a towel “doughnut” with a heat pad below and treatment begins. After a couple of days, tube fed food is added to the regimen.

The Swainson’s Hawk and Coot were recently released, and the others are beginning to walk.

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