Over the past 11 years MRWC has hosted international students to work and live at the facility each summer. These students have played an important role in caring for the patients and the facility while enjoying a Canadian experience. Now we are taking the internships to a whole new level!

Bird feeders are a great way to enjoy wildlife but there are some things to consider to keep our feathered friends safe while we enjoy their visits to our yard.

Although not our mandate, we sometimes end up with domestic animals that have no other place to go. We are thankful for the good working relationship we have with local rescue organizations. This past summer we ended up with a few kittens and had troubles finding a spot for them. Thanks to Whisker Rescue, they have now been taken off our hands.

The dream of a durable, functional, efficient, and beautiful, new wildlife hospital is getting closer. Two substantial Christmas gifts, one from John and Marilynne Herron and the other from Ruth Bower, have provided the funds for us to move forward with the construction and begin the interior work of our new facility. We believe that by early 2019 the hospital will have its concrete floor, electrical rough in, and in-floor heating completed. The next stage will be to complete the various rooms.

We now need to raise the final $225,000 to compete our amazing million-dollar building. We will be asking $125,000 of that from the small stream Community Facility Enhancement Program in January, leaving the final $100,000 to raise. Donations of labour, materials, and cash will be gratefully accepted. Let’s get this building finished before the busy season starts in May!

As another year comes to a close I take a moment to stop and overlook our silent wetland, watch bull moose grazing on the bushes on the far end, reflect on 2018, and am left with nothing but optimism.

We were pleased to host two students this fall both wishing to gain more knowledge and an understanding of wildlife rehabilitation. 

The Great Blue Heron that our staff captured after a bit of a run, has recovered nicely from its wing fracture and is eager to leave us.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre’s journey towards a new facility has been a long and often difficult one, with promises not kept, a dishonest contractor, and an unsuccessful funding application. However, there has been a lot of good news along the way and many friends made. Numerous individuals, community groups, and businesses have stepped forward to support the project and now nearly 85% of the new million-dollar facility has been identified with only a further $170,000 to raise.

A Birds of Prey compound costing $160,000 with 8 recovery cages under one roof is also in the fundraising stage with plans to construct in 2019. Current cages are quickly becoming unusable and housing birds of prey will no longer be possible without this new enclosure.

Demand for education programs, phone support, wildlife conflict resolution, and animal rescue are in growing demand with well over 2000 wild patients cared for each year, 10,000 phone calls received, and 500 requests for solutions to wildlife conflict situations.

To reach our financial goals, Otis the Owl and his new friend, Fang the Skunk, have stepped up to help once again. Over the winter months when individuals, groups, or businesses within the Red Deer region donate $1,000 or more, Otis or Fang will personally come to your place of business or home, have a photo op, and thank you for your support.

For more information to arrange your Otis/Fang visit please conact Carol Kelly by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 403-728-3467.

Children are becoming more and more involved in giving these days and we were lucky enough to be the recipients of these girls' donation after collecting for their birthdays. They also bought a couple books while visiting, leaving us with $450! Thank you Ara and Willow for your kindness and generosity.

The new wildlife hospital is continuing to progress with exterior painting complete, shingles partially installed, windows and doors expected any day, drywall installed on the ceiling, and the floor prepped. The next injection of funds will get the plumbing and electrical underway.

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