We had a very full week in July travelling around to Central Alberta daycamps, libraries, and campgrounds.

Fostering our orphans to a willing, wild mom or family is something we never cease to enjoy doing.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre has always been a promoter of networking and working in co-operation with other professionals.


Facebook friends are helping raise funds by sponsoring a patient of the day. A current patient in the hospital is featured on Facebook and friends are asked to help sponsor the care of that animal or bird. This little help each day will ease the burden of raising the funds to care for the more than 2000 injured, orphaned, and compromised wild creatures we help each year, which cost us an average $120 per patient. Please join us on Facebook, watch the activities of our facility, and help us out now and then with a small sponsorship. You can also help by sharing the posts and encouraging others to help.

Summer hit with a bang this year and baby season kicked in right along with it. Birds and mammals in Alberta only have a short window of time in which to have their young, raise them and get ready for winter so they all seem to come at once.

The new “Wildlife Homes” playground, funded by Co-op Community Spaces, is well underway!

The best fostering moment so far this season was giving a little Red Fox kit to a fox family on Mother’s Day. The lucky fox mom came home to find she was a mother again and without hesitation, she adopted it. 

Join the Canadian Wildlife Federation in celebrating National Wildlife Week! This year, we are celebrating how we are all connected with wildlife. Share your connection online using #ThankYouWildlife.


A few years ago the roof of our eagle and hawk flight enclosure collapsed under the weight of a heavy snow load, injuring 2 and killing 2 resident eagles. We have been planning for a much needed new flight pen and are now about to launch a GoFundMe campaign to support the build. Watch your inbox for all the exciting details and learn how you can help to make this a reality!

Our Drink Container Pickup Service was introduced just over a year ago. It was received very well with just over $8,000 raised!