We will be showcasing our children's books and matching animal stuffies.

We were lucky enough to receive funding from long-time supporters, Marisa and Andy Broughton, for the construction of a new compound.

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming launch of the newest book in the "Through the Eyes of Otis the Owl" children's book series, sponsored by AltaLink! This book tells the story of education animal, Charlie the Porcupine, along with information about other misunderstood species. It is a book about understanding, compassion, and tolerance.

The book is set to launch in early October. Pre-orders can be taken now by phone (403-728-3467) and will be available shortly thorugh our website. Stay tuned for offical launch celebrations coming soon!

Back in 1997, a young Swainson’s Hawk was brought to our Centre. She was sitting on the finder’s hand, had jesses (raptor leashes) on her legs, and was taking mice from the hand. Staff were told that they had recently found her and wanted to turn her into our hospital for care.

The Grand Opening on August 18th was a massive success! A huge thank you goes out to Co-op Community Spaces for the generous grant, and to all the Central Alberta Co-op Board and Staff that attended. 

Throughout the summer we have busily been looking for foster homes in the wild for some of the orphaned babies we receive. We ask other experts, bird banders, and even the general public for their assistance in locating new families. What a successful baby season it has been!

Construction on the new hospital continues with further significant contributions coming in. The installation of the shingles, the windows and doors, the paint, and the painting of the exterior have all been donated, either in cash or labour. The building will be closed in by fall and we hope work will continue through the following months to complete the inside. The current, makeshift hospital may not make it through another winter. Our Facility Manager refers to it as being 50% duct tape!

We had a very full week in July travelling around to Central Alberta daycamps, libraries, and campgrounds.

Fostering our orphans to a willing, wild mom or family is something we never cease to enjoy doing.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre has always been a promoter of networking and working in co-operation with other professionals.