We are very excited to announce that the precast concrete walls of our brand new wildlife hospital have been installed. The trucks and crane arrived mid-February and spent the day placing the walls. It was a thrilling day as the building quickly took shape! The trusses have been ordered and we are patiently awaiting news on the grant applied for last fall. If successful, the hospital will be completed this summer.

Spring is almost here and that means the new batch of young volunteers from around the world will be arriving to help us feed, clean, and care for the hundreds of patients we will receive over the summer. Volunteers are arranged through Fronteering Travel Services and so far this year are coming from Germany and Switzerland.

The work these students do save us time and money. We provide them with a residence and the opportunity to work with Alberta's wildlife.


In order to use our funds and time efficiently this year, we have chosen to reduce the number of booths we provide at events and trade shows in 2018. We limited ourselves to just 2 which have happened this month. The Red Deer Sportsman and Outdoor Adventure Show and the Red Deer Home Show are always good to us and bring a large crowd. This time we focused our education on living with wildlife, teaching people how to encourage wanted species, deter unwanted species, and live in harmony with our "wild neighbours". Fang the Skunk was there promoting understanding and tolerance.

We are pleased to bring you the story of one very lucky Great Grey Owl that was brought to our first aid station in Drayton Valley early December. Our volunteer vet, Savannah Howse-Smith from Rocky Rapids Veterinary Service, assisted Lil at our first aid station with an exam and x-rays to find that both wings were broken.

In anticipation of the new hospital going up this year we have decided to open one room as a small Interpretive Centre until the new public facility is built. We will be streaming activities in the hospital to a large screen in the room, offer displays and information, have one or more education animals around to visit, and of course a small gift shop to help raise funds.

We’d like to keep our items in the gift shop as local, natural, unique, useful, and fun as possible. We would love to hear from our supporters as to what you’d like to see us sell. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

As many of you know, our massive hawk and eagle enclosure was destroyed with an extremely heavy snow load a few years ago. We have been struggling ever since to juggle birds between flight cages in order to give our birds of prey the space they need to exercise and recover. Many donations were received and are being held for the construction of the new cage, but we need more. A GoFundMe campaign is in the works to help us raise the funds. Keep posted for details on how you can help.

We have received word that our pre-fabricated concrete walls are in production and will be installed the first week of February!

We are the grateful recipients of a generous donation of $50,000 from Altalink!

Two juvenile Snowy Owls were both admitted into our hospital in November within a couple weeks of each other.

Thank you to Telus for their recent donation of $2500 towards our education programming. We travel throughout Central Alberta presenting close to 150 formal programs in schools, seniors' homes, and community groups every year. Our programs are offered on a donation basis so the support from businesses like Telus is a great help.