The best fostering moment so far this season was giving a little Red Fox kit to a fox family on Mother’s Day. The lucky fox mom came home to find she was a mother again and without hesitation, she adopted it. 

Join the Canadian Wildlife Federation in celebrating National Wildlife Week! This year, we are celebrating how we are all connected with wildlife. Share your connection online using #ThankYouWildlife.


A few years ago the roof of our eagle and hawk flight enclosure collapsed under the weight of a heavy snow load, injuring 2 and killing 2 resident eagles. We have been planning for a much needed new flight pen and are now about to launch a GoFundMe campaign to support the build. Watch your inbox for all the exciting details and learn how you can help to make this a reality!

Our Drink Container Pickup Service was introduced just over a year ago. It was received very well with just over $8,000 raised!


The first of the 2018 students have arrived! Hanna, Kat, Lena, and Mai are all from Germany. These volunteers will be caring for wildlife, keeping the crumbling building as clean as possible, helping to build the new Wildlife Homes Playground, building a new Turkey Vulture nest site to attract a family of Vultures to live on the Centre’s property, and assisting with the many, many jobs the MRWC takes part in. 4 girls have arrived so far with another 9 or so students to come over the next 8 months.

An uncommon patient in our hospital arrived last week. A little, male Wood Duck was found thin, unstable on its feet, and unable to fly at Red Deer’s Waste Water Treatment Plant.

In January we reported on two Snowy Owls in our care. We are very happy to report that both are recovering nicely.

Emily came to us on July 4, 2011. She was a tiny, pink creature no more than a week old. At first we weren’t even sure what she was, but it was soon determined that she was a Bushy-tailed Woodrat. 


We are very excited to announce that the precast concrete walls of our brand new wildlife hospital have been installed. The trucks and crane arrived mid-February and spent the day placing the walls. It was a thrilling day as the building quickly took shape! The trusses have been ordered and we are patiently awaiting news on the grant applied for last fall. If successful, the hospital will be completed this summer.

Spring is almost here and that means the new batch of young volunteers from around the world will be arriving to help us feed, clean, and care for the hundreds of patients we will receive over the summer. Volunteers are arranged through Fronteering Travel Services and so far this year are coming from Germany and Switzerland.

The work these students do save us time and money. We provide them with a residence and the opportunity to work with Alberta's wildlife.