We have received three calls in September about Loons caught in fishing line and pickerel rig.

Spring has arrived, and the wild babies have already started coming through our doors. In order to prepare, we are hosting a week-long baby shower beginning April 10. We are looking for supplies such as formula, feed, shavings, and medications.

To end off the week of celebration we are inviting the public to a Baby Shower gathering at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre on April 16 from 12:00-4:30pm where you’ll enjoy cake, baby pictures, games, displays, and of course a visit with the education owls, OTIS and Sophia.

Donation bins will be set up at the following businesses for you to contribute to, with special appearances by OTIS the Owl throughout the week:

  • Parkland Garden Centre - Red Deer - OTIS Sunday April 10, 1:00-3:00
  • Canadian Closet - Red Deer - OTIS Wednesday April 13, 1:00-3:00
  • Pet Planet - Red Deer - OTIS Thursday April 14, 1:00-3:00
  • Tail Blazers - Red Deer - OTIS Friday April 15, 1:00-3:00
  • Fargey's - Red Deer, Lacombe, & Innisfail
  • Mongolie Grill - Red Deer
  • Peavey Mart - Red Deer

Click here for a list of our much needed items.

NOVA Chemicals, near Joffre, kindly gave two and a half days during their Days of Caring event in support of MRWC. Two NOVA employees volunteered to spend time with our Executive Director and Board of Directors to assist in the development of a five year funding strategy. The Board plans to continue the development of this plan with the help of other professionals and keep it updated annually so it will always be current. Knowing firmly where we are going will eliminate many mistakes along the way.

Giving stocks to a charity can not only give your charity the support it needs, but also will benefit you by helping to reduce your taxes. Dorothy and Ruth Bower of Red Deer, have recently given a generous donation of shares to be sold and the profits used for our new wildlife hospital. It has prompted MRWC to open a permanent stock account and let our supporters know that this is a great way to donate.

Tax receipts for donations of stock are given at the fair market value at the time of giving and not the price at which they were purchased. Secondly, and not to be overlooked, there are no capital gains charged on the stocks.

If you are thinking of donating stocks discuss it with your financial advisors and find out the benefits for you and your charity.

We have been lucky enough to witness some fantastic kids over the past year who are eager to make a difference in our world.

MRWC has seen a few more patients this winter than in past years. These animals have been mostly owls, along with both Red and White-winged Crossbills.

The Year of the Monkey appears to be shaping up to provide good things for Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

Every fall as waterfowl begin to migrate away from the wetlands they have frequented during the summer, members of the public notice those injured ones are left behind. As you can see from this video, they can be very difficult to rescue as they are still excellent swimmers. Thankfully we have a few willing kayakers who volunteer to take on these rescues. Kayaks are very maneuverable and with two or three of them we can often corral the goose, pelican, or duck that can’t fly. Unfortunately these birds generally cannot be repaired but it does stop them from freezing to death in the winter or other more unpleasant ends.

Mother Nature changed our landscape plan over the past couple of years when she sent us an enormous snow load and a micro burst. All the tree and cage damage was devastating at first but we soon began to see the silver lining in it all. It will mean a lot of work but in the end it will be wonderful. We will have new and improved cages built on our south quarter and a wonderful wetland viewing area as part of the new public wing.

The first stage was to take down the older, damaged, and exposed cages, so we started small. The songbird/small mammal compounds were redesigned to become one cage with four interchangeable quadrants. Next year’s plan will be to take on the rebuilding of the hawk and eagle enclosures. This will be a much larger project but we will be seeking the assistance of our supporters to accomplish the job. Perhaps we will even try another crowdfunding project to secure some funds.