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This year's AGM was held on June 12 at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre. It was a fun gathering with a presentation on our fostering project given by Carol Kelly and Judy Boyd. A new Board of Directors was voted on and we're very excited with the team that the Centre is moving forward with. Heading up the Board is President, Lois Burkinshaw, Vice President, Liana Shaw and Secretary/Treasurer, Kurt Belich. We now have 6 directors, Andrea Brack, Sharon Bright, Deb Fettig, John Caddy, Sharon MacPherson and Lorna Lansard. Ex-Officio, Carol Kelly and Recording Secretary, Judy Boyd complete the group. Thanks to our new and continuing members!

This year, in the midst of moving female ducks and their young from risky places on the streets of Red Deer, 1 Mama duck and her ducklings became separated. The Centre's staff has become pretty darn good at catching and reuniting in this situation and within about 4 hours they were back together.

Just about this time, the Centre's staff reported ducklings hatching in the incubator so it was decided to put the Mama duck and her little ones into the indoor pond for a short while to give the newly hatched babies a mother to imprint on.

Over the next few days, more and more orphans were admitted to our hospital. Mama duck happily took them on and before long she had reached a total of 42 ducklings in her care! If anyone has ever doubted that a wild duck will foster orphans, this certainly proved that they will!

After the little ones had grown enough, Mama duck and her brood were relased into our wetland.

This year we have we have admitted close to 1800 injured, orphaned and compromised wild creatures; quite a change from our first year over 30 years ago when we received just 14!

This deer, after likely having an unfortunate meeting with a vehicle, settled down to recuperate behind a building in downtown Red Deer. Little did she know that the Festival of Lights was about to begin and she was going to be right in the middle of the celebrations!

The Centre's "Community Wildlife Liaison" (CWL) position has been carried out, part time, as one of Judy Boyd's jobs the past 3 years. Our CWL is called in when a person has a challenge concerning wildlife - e.g.: bats in the roof, a skunk under the shed, a porcupine eating bushes, or noisy crows. The workload for this position became overwhelming for Judy last year, when added to her already busy orphan fostering role. This year, Alberta Animal Services in Red Deer decided to turn all wildlife calls over to us, increasing the workload even further.

To ease the pressure and to respond more efficiently to the calls, we have hired Gwenevere Marshall to do the job. Gwen has worked temporarily for the Centre, on and off for the past 5 years. She is a zoologist and avid environmentalist with a special interest in the corvid family (crows, magpies, jays and ravens).

Over the winter months, due to lack of space with the renovations, the 3 education owls have been living at Education Coordinator, Erin's home in Cochrane. This has given 2 young volunteers the chance to help out with their care. Local teens, Shelby and Reed, have volunteered their time to come 2-3 times per week to assist with cleaning, feeding, handling and training of the owls. They have been a huge help and their dedication is admired and appreciated. Thank you Reed and Shelby!

This year's volunteers have started to arrive! All from Germany, Vivian, Carolin and Barbara are now living and working onsite. These amazing individuals give their time to work in our wildlife hospital, eliminating the need for us to hire summer staff and saving us thousands of dollars. We attempt to give back by giving them experiences they would not get anywhere else. They are also given the opportunity to explore local attractions and Alberta's natural beauty.

36 central Alberta Girl Guides volunteered their time on May 24 to plant 2,000 pine trees on our property. The trees were donated through the County of Red Deer and have been used to reforest areas of our 453 acres. Thank you Bentley Kuusamo District, 1st Sylvan Lake and 1st Innisfail Girl Guides!

Our crowdfunding campaign is progressing nicely with many of our donors choosing to donate by cheque instead of online.