Visitor Facilities

The interpretive centre is closed for much needed renovations. Fundraising is underway to complete the project. The nature trail remains open for hikers, birdwatchers, and picnicers. 


When we re-open...

The Wildlife Centre is always happy to receive visitors during the summer months, however please remember we are not a zoo. The main goal of our public facility is to educate people on how they can better take care of our environment and the creatures that live in it. There is no admission fee, but we rely on and greatly appreciate any donations you may give us. The Medicine River Wildlife Centre is not government funded.

Inside the Centre
Visitors to our centre can see a variety of displays dedicated to wildlife and natural history. We have a short video that tells the story of a day in the life at our wildlife centre. When you arrive you will be welcomed by one of our staff or volunteers. Our displays are self-guided. The public is not allowed in the hospital areas or outdoor cages as the animals are recovering from their injuries and are under a great deal of stress. During the tour, you may be able to meet some of our permanent animals, including "Otis" the Great Horned Owl and "Sophia" the Great Grey Owl. As well, you can see into a few outdoor enclosures and our indoor pond where a variety of species of local wildlife can be viewed. Species will vary by season.

Outside the Centre
Adjacent to the main building we have a wheelchair friendly, 20 minute Nature Trail that leads to an Observation Tower overlooking our 75 acre wetland. Many species of waterfowl, shorebirds, and marsh birds can be seen, including Sandhill Cranes which nest here annually. Along the trail, a number of interpretive signs highlight local plants and animals, which can be seen depending on the season. We also have a picnic area, playground and garbage recycle area for visitor use.

Other Services
Visitor washrooms are located in the Centre's reception area. The gift shop features fun and unique items. We are GST free.

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