Wildlife Challenges

Many of the species that we often refer to as "pests" have become problems to people, often because of the environment that we have created. By leaving garbage uncovered, pet food outside, porches and sheds accessible, and chickens running loose, we invite a number of species of wild animals into our yards. By simply educating ourselves on these species and changing some of the ways we live our lives, these "pest" species will no longer be a problem. Understanding our neighbours makes for healthier communities.

Here are some basic ideas on reducing hazards for wildlife and to deter wild animals from your yard. For more information on species specific ideas, we have printable pamphlets available in PDF form listed below. Each handout will provide you with some natural history on the species, along with respectful ways to deter them.

Click here for in-depth information on SKUNKS.

Reducing Hazards in Your Yard

  • know and understand the species in your area to dispel misinformation
  • know your neighbour's feelings before you encourage wildlife to your yard
  • protect birds from window strikes
  • keep cats indoors and report feral cats
  • cover all openings with screen, such as dryer vents and chimneys
  • use eco-friendly options instead of chemicals in your yard
  • don't create hazards with the use of sticky fly traps, uncovered water barrels, or fine garden netting
  • feed pets indoors
  • bird feeders placed low to the ground may attract skunks and porcupines
  • keep garbage and compost in locked or covered containers
  • properly enclosed sheds, stairs, and walkways will stop burrowing animals such as skunks and feral cats from taking up residence
  • clutter in your yard such as woodpiles and old vehicles will encourage animals, such as skunks, to make their home

Wildlife Friendly Deterrents

  • motion sensor water sprinklers
  • motion sensor lights
  • scare eye balloons
  • raptor shaped kites
  • high frequency rodent deterrents
  • bitter spray on trees
  • Bobbex® on plants and flowers
  • plastic streamers on windows and in the garden
  • Collide Escape® on windows
  • wrap trees with plastic, mesh, or tin
  • Elf Light® to discourage nesting

For numerous other ideas, please call MRWC at 403-728-3467 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Living with Wildlife Printable Pamphlets

Pocket Gophers (Moles)
Red Fox
Red Squirrels
Richardson's Ground Squirrels (Gophers)

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