Through the Eyes of Otis the Owl

Through the Eyes of Otis the Owl

This one-of-a-kind book series, designed for children, is narrated by real-life education animal, Otis the Owl. An extension of the popular in-school program, these books not only entertain but teach kids simple ways to protect our environment and the creatures living within it. This is a very unique and exciting series that is sure to inspire its young readers.

Book 1: Otis's Story

Join us on an adventure with Alberta's most beloved Great Horned Owl! In his first book, Otis the Owl takes us through his story of how he came to be at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre. It's a thrilling tale filled with suspense and intrigue!

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Book 2: Tangled in Trash

Sponsored by Nova Chemicals and following the wildly popular first book, "Otis's Story", the second in this unique series is the story of a Loon that becomes entangled in hastily discarded garbage. Otis observes the bird's journey through the wildlife hospital and learns about the importance of keeping our environment clean.

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Book 3: Rescued Off the Road

Sponsored by Nova Chemicals, the third book in the children's series is about a fox that has an unfortunate incident with a car. Otis tells the story of its rescue and care at the wildlife hospital and gives child-friendly tips on how to keep wild animals safer on our roads.

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Book 4: Chatting with Charlie

Sponsored by AltaLink, this book is a little different from its predecessors. It tells the stpry of our educational animal, Charlie the Porcupine, but moves on to discuss the misinformation that exists in regards to several other species of animals. Otis learns much from these creatures and recognizes the importance of all life.

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